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Kitesurf School on Boracay island, Philippines (Asia)

Windy from November to April

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Fast learning success combined with loads of fun. Our lessons are taught by experienced  Instructors. We teach with the standard of IKO (International Kite Organization) and VDWS (Verband deutscher Wassersport Schulen).
At the end of the IKO courses you will receive an IKO card to justify your level. Once certified IKO level 2, you will be able to rent gear in any IKO center worldwide. The equipment is checked daily for your safety!


This is a good introduction if you want to give kitesurfing a try and see how addicted you get. You will learn the basics of wind direction and learn how to pilot the kite with easy exercises.
If you decide to book a beginner course afterwards, then the Discovery Course is free.
Course duration: 2 hours in group (usually 2 people) or 1.5 hours single, 3000 PHP

DAY COURSE (IKO level 1):

The first step for beginners. Students learn all basic skills and knowledge of kitesurfing with a qualified instructor.
Set up the Kite, bar and lines; the theory of wind window, power zone and turbulences; Flying a 2 lines kite. You will learn how to pilot the kite, relaunch it when it falls in the water, bodydrag and all the safety elements.
By the end of this course you will reach the level where you can fly the kite alone in complete safety and body drag.
If you decide to book a beginner course afterwards, then the Day Course is free.
Course Duration: 4 hours in group (usually 2 people) or 3 hours single /1 day, 6800 PHP

BEGINNER COURSE (IKO level 1 and 2):

The most popular option for beginners. You will learn all the basics of safety, kite set up, kite flying, bodydrag in all directions and start the most exciting part... Getting on the board and ride !!
By the end of this course you should be able to do short rides to one or both sides. You will then become an independent kiter and be able to learn on your own or take an advanced course for a fast learning curve.
Course duration: 12 hours in group (usually 2 people) or 9 hours single / 2-3 days, 19000 PHP

ADVANCED COURSE (IKO level 3) for Intermediate Kiters:

Become an advanced kiter in 5 hrs! An experienced IKO instructor will guide you step by step and teach you how to ride upwind, change direction and even do your first jumps!
Perfect for riders who can do short rides but not ride upwind or who want to start to jump.
Max. 2 students, course duration: 7 hours if the kite is shared or 5 hours if each student has one kite / 1-2 days
Cost of the course: 11200 PHP with our gear or 8400 PHP with your own gear

This package of 5 hrs is to become IKO level 3. But if you do not want to do the full 5 hours, you can also follow this course on a per-hour basis. One hour is 2240 PHP euros with our gear or 1680 PHP with your own gear.


For a very fast progression curve, opt for private courses. Your IKO instructor will then be a personal coach guiding you step by step for a very personalized lesson. 2800 PHP per hour with our gear or 2240 PHP per hour with your own gear

EQUIPMENT RENTAL (equipment is already included in the courses)

In order to rent equipment you need to be at least IKO level 2 which means that you have a good control of the kite, you can do short rides and you know how to perform a self-rescue. We guarantee very recent kites for rental (almost exclusively the latest model of F-one).
The rate is 2240 PHP for 3 hours rental of full gear. We also do discounted rate for a full week rental (7 days) at 17000 PHP. If you only need the board, we charge 800 PHP for 3 hours or 6000 PHP for a week.